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Sunday, 22 January 2017

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Climate Change: impacts, mitigation and adaptation
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1.- Calls for post-doc and PhD candidates

a) Post-doc on "climate change impacts on agricultural crops; mitigation and adaptation measures"

  • Scenarios for climate change affecting main crops in continental Portugal (Temperature extremes, seasonal rainfall, dry spells)
  • Selection of typical tree and vine crops for the assessment studies
  • Changes in crop cycles
  • Changes in occurrence of pests and diseases
  • Changes in water requirements
  • Mitigation and/or adaptation measures relative to foreseen changes

2.- PhD studies

a) "Building scenarios for climate change for selected regions in Portugal"

    • Analysis of large scale models and respective selection
    • Selecting tree, legume and field crops as reference crops for the scenario analysis
    • Temperature at critical season periods in relation to selected crops
    • Temperature extremes, low and high and dates of occurrence
    • Rainfall: seasonality, dry spells and droughts occurrence

b) Methodologies to assess impacts of climate change on crops pests and diseases

    • Review present occurrence and related trends of main pests and diseases
    • Review changes in occurrence of pests and diseases in Mediterranean and Atlantic climates
    • Selecting tree, legume and field crops as reference crops for pest/diseases scenario analysis
    • Develop a methodology for deriving changes in pests and diseases from climate changes

c) Climate change impacts on crop water use; water conservation and irrigation

    • Review crop water requirements for main horticultural and field crops in selected regions of Portugal
    • Review irrigation requirements for those crops through modelling
    • Assess deficit irrigation issues in relation to irrigation systems
    • Assess economic impacts of water saving irrigation
    • Issues on water and irrigation costs and economic water productivity; modelling approaches

d) Changes in cultural practices for perennial horticultural crops as a response to climate change

    • Identification of impacts for selected crops regarding:
      • Cultural techniques
      • Insufficient chill units accumulation
      • Phenological shifts
      • Fruit quality (color and sunburn)
    • Identification of practices and technologies that may require changes
      • Growth regulators spraying
      • Irrigation
      • Shading
      • Pest management
    • Modelling crop responses to climate: identification of genotypes cultivars with low chill requirement, earlier harvest and robust blush colour

e) Climate change and vulnerability to desertification: assessment, indices and modelling

    • Investigate applicability of indices relative to the vulnerability to desertification to selected regions in Portugal
    • Assess landscape changes and trends mainly using long term remote sensing images
    • Relating landscape changes with driving forces on climate and social and economic factors
    • Issues in combating desertification



Dia da Propriedade Industrial

Reitoria UTL

26 Março




7th European Conference on Pesticides and Related Organic Micropollutants in the Environment / 13th Symposium on Chemistry and Fate of Modern Pesticides

7-10th of October, 2012

Porto - Portugal


Curso Curto de Iniciação à Prova de Azeites Virgens
25, 26 e 27 Julho 2012, Sala de Provas do LET
Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Tapada da Ajuda, Lisboa





11º SILUSBA - "A Cooperação para a Água"

MAPUTO, “Cidade das Acácias Rubras”, 20 a 23 de Maio de 2013 


Investigadores e coordenador do CEER ganham prémio para o melhor poster


"Recognizing the Unseen Diversity of
Phytopathogenic Fungi
20 de Abril 2012, 15h30m
ISA, Lisboa

Professor Dr. Pedro W. Crous (CV)



Palestra na área dos biopolímeros:
"Physically modified xanthan gum.
A replacement for starch in foods"
19 Abril 2012, às 11h na Sala de Actos do ISA, Tapada da Ajuda, Lisboa



Curso de Formação em Tecnologia Cervejeira
"Do grão à cerveja em casa ou no Bar"
ISA/UTL Tapada da Ajuda, Lisboa


Temática das secas



Candidaturas até 15 Março 2012




WORKSHOP Nacional do Projecto GS SOIL

26 Abril 2012, às 14h
Oeiras - Portugal




The XVIth International Congress on Rheology
August 5-10, 2012
Lisbon - Portugal





1st Iberian Meeting on Natural Bioactives Entrapment for the Food Industry
Challenges and Perspectives, from nanotechnology to bioavailability
May 12-13, 2011
"Lagoa Branca" Auditorium, ISA, Lisbon 

 Agreement for Academic Exchanges and Cooperation
beetwen IMAU (China) and CEER

New online e-book:
"El Riego y sus Tecnologías"
More info

14th Ramiran International Congress
Lisboa - 13th to 15th September 2010

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